Cae Post kitten rescue

01 Aug

A few weeks ago, two poorly little kittens turned up at Cae Post. Thankfully, after a good deal of TLC, the kittens recently found new homes.

Hattie / Lily


“Hattie” was found in our paper bay on Thursday 29th June and then “Eric” turned up a week later, on Thursday 6th July. The vet thinks that Hattie was about four weeks old when she was found.

Eric / Charlie


Both kittens had to have antibiotics and eye drops and lots of attention, including feeding with a syringe at first, before they progressed to solid food.

Although we were delighted to have the kittens at Cae Post, and our team made a huge fuss of them, we were keen to find the kittens a permanent place to live.

Lily and Charlie in their new home

Charlie and Lily in their new home

The good news is that the kittens have now found a new home with Sarah, Nick and family near Llanfyllin.

Thank you to Sarah and Nick for taking in the kittens and thank you also to Sarah Kendall-Taylor and her team at Aran Vet Centre in Llanfyllin for all their care and attention.

The kittens have been renamed Lily and Charlie and are doing well.

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