Middletown Show 2017 – Cae Post Awards

04 Aug

Once again, there were winners of the Cae Post Awards for imagination in recycling at the Middletown Show 2017.

Cae Post trophy

Cae Post Trophy

This year’s show took place on 1 July 2017 and an enthusiastic crowd in the village hall saw the winners receive their prizes from the judge, Susan Morley of the Cae Post Trustees.

This is the third year running that Cae Post has sponsored the award for Class 48 – ‘an imaginative object made using recycled materials’ and has supplied a unique trophy for the top prize.

Cae Post Awards - Third Prize

        Cae Post Awards –         Third Prize

This year it was clear that imaginations went into creative overdrive and produced interesting and fun results.

Third prize went to Dan Hinton for his battery powered light box, fashioned from recycled wood, a battery and headlights from an old Mazda. The box worked and produced a very bright glow.

Cae Post Awards - Second Prize

Cae Post Awards – Second Prize

Second prize was awarded to Val Davies who used a wooden window-like framework and recycled cutlery to produce a very lovely wind chime which had an air of an old Edwardian chandelier.

Cae Post Awards - First Prize

Cae Post Awards – First Prize

The first prize, and the Cae Post trophy, went to Kim Mountford, who had collected some old LPs and 45 rpm records, and re-shaped them into a three-tiered cake stand that would grace any lively party tea table. The skill and the finish were excellent and the humour of the final object added to its charm.

Thanks to all who took part and to the organisers of the Middletown Show for all their hard work too.


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