Teach kids about recycling on a visit to Cae Post

07 Sep

As the new term starts, we would like to invite schools in Powys and Shropshire to bring their pupils along to Cae Post near Welshpool to teach them about recycling.

School visit to Cae Post

We welcome educational visits

Cae Post has welcomed educational visits for many years and a number of local schools regularly bring classes to our Resource Recovery Centre in Trewern, near Welshpool, to teach children about recycling and environmental issues. As a charity and social enterprise dedicated to environmental action, we would like to extend our invitation to more schools in the area.

Cae Posts offers teachers the chance to show their pupils how recycling works in practice. On a school trip, children can see our recycling sorting line and baler in action and our friendly and knowledgeable team will explain how recycling works, from collection through to processing into new products. As a social enterprise and charity, we aim to spread the message about sustainability and social inclusion, and we also welcome visits from local community groups and charities.

Tailor-made tours

We accept groups of up to 15 people and we can arrange tours at times convenient to your school or organisation. We have a modern meeting room, with facilities such as a projector, screen and wifi, which is ideal for your group to meet in and for us to explain more about Cae Post and the work we do. We can offer refreshments too, for a small charge.

“These days, kids grow up with recycling as part of their daily lives,” explains Sue Packer, Cae Post General Manager. “However, many people – and not just children – have little idea what happens to the materials once they have been collected. A visit to Cae Post can help to explain all of that.

“We can create a tailor-made learning experience, which ties in with the National Curriculum, for your pupils to find out about recycling, environmental issues and social inclusion.”

Here is just some of the positive feedback we have received from previous school visits.

“Thank you very much for an interesting and enjoyable visit, parents have told me that the children went home teaching them about recycling.” (Teacher from Forden School)

“I enjoyed the trip and I learnt an amazing fact that recycling helps the environment, thank you again for an amazing trip, I will now recycle more.” (Pupil from Maesydre School)

“I enjoyed the trip and the tour, because I liked seeing the plastic bottles going down the chutes, and an amazing fact is that a magnet picks up the steel and goes into the baler and a Coke can, when it is recycled, can be made into another can in just six weeks. Thank you for a wonderful trip – I would love to come again.” (Pupil from Maesydre School)

Click here to find out more about arranging an educational visit to Cae Post, call Sue Packer on 01938 570426 or email sue.packer@caepost.co.uk.

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