Our people

Sue Packer

Sue Packer - Cae PostGeneral Manager

Sue joined Cae Post in November 2003.

Sue’s responsibility is to oversee the entirety of the organisation’s operations. She ensures that the company’s goals are met in a timely fashion by efficiently and effectively managing personnel and resources. She also works with the Board of Trustees to communicate the ethos of the charity and ensure that all employees and the wider audience understand who Cae Post is and what it does.

Sue says: “Whilst on occasions the role can be challenging and it can be difficult to predict what will happen next not a day goes by when one of the volunteers or work placements doesn’t bring a smile to my face and on many occasions make me laugh out loud, the sense of humour and sharp wittedness of some of those who attend Cae Post is fantastic.”

Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman - Cae PostFinance Officer

Sarah started in September 2006.

Sarah’s responsibilities include sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, managing restricted and unrestricted funds producing monthly management accounts and statement of funds. Liasing with auditors to produce annual accounts for compliance with Companies House and Charity Commission. Sale of recyclate material from Cae Post on open market, to obtain best value. Payroll processing and compliance with HMRC for VAT and PAYE

Sarah says: “It’s a varied role, always seem to have lots of balls juggling in the air and being thrown more each day, I rarely seem to get to the bottom of a to do list before new jobs need to be added to the list. I enjoy the sense of achievement when work colleagues start to bloom and blossom when they’ve been given opportunities to flourish and grow into a role.”

Les Jacks

Les Jacks - Cae PostWork Programme Leader

Joined Cae Post in May 2010.

The role is to promote and enhance the opportunities available to volunteers and individuals disadvantaged in the workplace by managing the Cae Post funded work programmes.

Says Les: “One of the most rewarding aspects of my job role is witnessing the progress of individuals reaching their full potential within a working environment.”

Fred Packer

Fred Packer - Cae PostTrade Officer

Joined Cae Post in 2004 as a driver and moved into current role in 2010.

Fred’s role is to increase the trade customer base at Cae Post and to encourage businesses to recycle as well as promoting our social aims.

Says Fred: “I enjoy the good working atmosphere and I work with a good team of people. I like meeting potential new customers and I learn something new every day.”