Background story of Cae Post

The background story of Cae Post

Cae Post building, Trewern, Welshpool

The Cae Post building in Trewern, Welshpool

Cae Post was set up in 1986 by a group of parents, professionals and supporters who were enthusiastic about finding ways in which those with learning disabilities could lead as ordinary a life as possible in their communities.

At that time, many people with learning disabilities were living in long stay hospitals and those not there often lived segregated lives in special schools and day centres.

The group received some support under a pioneering initiative from the Welsh Office called the All Wales Strategy, but mostly relied on the energy and enthusiasm of parents, local people and others working in an area that had long been seen as belonging to health and social services professionals.

Highlights and work to date

  • Residential and employment project provided real work and “ordinary life” experiences over the course of three years for eight people with learning disabilities on a cottage holding (called Cae-Post) near Welshpool. It was eventually decided to move away from residential support and focus on Cae Post‘s key aim: providing work opportunities and work training
  • Employment research project and pilot employment placement scheme working with a local Training Manager
  • For a number of years Cae Post worked in partnership with the Llanfyllin based Trackside Charcoal project
  • After the residential project, a garden services and landscaping service was set up. This provided part-time work for people with learning disabilities and ran for over three years
  • From that project grew the tradition of offering a Christmas tree recycling service in Welshpool and Newtown and, from that, collaboration with the Powys Council grew
  • Our plastic bottle recycling project was set up in 1996 in Trewern near Welshpool. In 2003, a new Resource Recovery Centre was opened to be run by Cae Post with grant funding from the Wales Assembly Government and in partnership with Powys County Council Waste Management Department

People with learning disabilities are now making a significant contribution to their communities by assisting with the new recycling plans for Powys and beyond. In addition, Cae Post has offered work and training to others who face barriers to employment.

Cae Post’s focus remains to assist and support those who, facing a variety of barriers, wish to contribute to their communities through paid and unpaid work in every way possible.

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