Towards zero waste

Cae Post can help your organisation reduce waste

Cae Post is continuously working to reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfill or is incinerated and our comprehensive suite of services can help organisations move towards zero waste.

Plastics sorting line

Cae Post is working to reduce waste

As a social enterprise, Cae Post’s mission is to tackle disadvantage and create opportunity through environmental initiative. We support the idea of the ‘Circular Economy’, where everything has a value and nothing is wasted.

By reducing waste, we can help to limit the environmental damage that results when items are thrown away. Many of the materials that end up in landfill do not rot down and will be there in the earth for many centuries to come. Other materials leach into the ground causing pollution, or create greenhouse gases such as methane as they decompose, contributing to global warming and climate change. Incineration is an alternative to landfill, but this too can create harmful emissions.


School visit to Cae Post

We welcome educational visits

By educating young people about the importance of reducing the amount of stuff we throw away, we are helping to encourage future generations to think carefully about waste. Cae Post regularly welcomes schools to our Resource Recovery Centre in Trewern near Welshpool and we use these visits to explain the importance of reusing or recycling as much as possible.

The waste and recycling collection service we offer is, in part, about making sure we encourage local businesses, charities and organisations to think about what they do with their rubbish and to separate out the recyclables. We offer a ‘one stop shop’ for trade waste and recycling, providing the bins, the advice and the collection service.

As a social enterprise, we work with local organisations and environmental networks to educate the wider public about the importance of recycling. We also support national initiatives such as Freegle, which allows people to swap items that they don’t want so others can use them. So much of what is thrown away has not reached the end of its working life, so we want people to do what they can to reuse things. After all, nothing is truly recycled until it is used again.


Cae Post recycling materials line

Cae Post recycling materials line

When materials arrive at Cae Post we ensure that as much as possible is recycled. Whether that is plastic, glass, cans or paper, we sort materials by hand – which is still one of the most effective ways of sorting recyclates and provides work opportunities for local people – and send it on to our reprocessors who convert this into new products.

However, these days a good deal of packaging and products are made of several different materials, which can’t just be put ‘in the right bag’ for recycling, but first need to be dismantled into their different components. At Cae Post, we offer ‘depackaging’ services, which means we take in surplus stock, sort items into their component parts and then send them off to our reprocessors for recycling.

In addition, products that we sell, such as our Eco Potagators and recycled 3D printer filament, are made from recycled materials.

At Cae Post, we are always looking for new and innovative ways of recycling materials to help your organisation towards zero waste. We realise that zero waste is not something that organisations can achieve overnight, but we believe it is important for all of us to start on the road to serious reductions in waste being thrown into landfill – with the obvious benefit to local people, our communities and the planet as a whole.