Cae Post Mission

The Cae Post mission is to tackle disadvantage and create opportunity through environmental initiative.

The Cae Post mission and values are important to us as a social enterprise as they define what we do and how we work.

Our values:

  • No matter who we are or what our abilities are, we deserve a chance to use our head and hands to learn new skills and earn a living
  • We value our differences as a source of creativity, inspiration and strength
  • We value the environment in which we live and wish to play a part in sustaining it
  • We value the community in which we live and wish to contribute to it

Our objectives:

To realise our social and environmental values by:

  • Running a social enterprise which is effective and efficient
  • Offering a range of work opportunities to those within our community
  • Operating a recycling service in order to reduce the local volume of waste sent to landfill
  • Educating and informing others about:
    – The potential of every individual regardless of ability
    – The contribution we can all make to the environment