Cae Post says don’t recycle – until you have tried Freegle

Welshpool, Newtown, Montgomery Freegle

Cae Post is proud of its 30 year history in developing innovative recycling projects, but with billions of tonnes of material being extracted from the earth each year to make ‘stuff’, we think it’s as important to reuse items as it is to recycle them. (more…)

Love Your Clothes – Caru Eich Dillad

Love Your Clothes - Eich dillad

Love Your Clothes aims to reduce the environmental impact of clothing by raising awareness of the value of clothes and encouraging people to think about the way they buy, use and dispose of their clothing. (more…)

Celebrating our first 30 years!

Cae Post sorting line

Cae Post recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, so we thought we would take a look at what we’ve achieved in that time and look ahead to the future and our next 30 years. (more…)

Could you volunteer for Cae Post?

Cae Post recycling materials line

Why not volunteer for Cae Post? We offer voluntary placements to those interested in getting involved in our social enterprise. (more…)

The environment and climate change

photo by Andreas Andrews

Recycling has become a commonplace but when Cae Post started its recycling operation over fifteen years ago, many waste products and those made of plastic were going to landfill. (more…)