We offer a depackaging service for customers who have surplus or expired stock.

Have you got old ‘redundant stock’ or surplus stock taking up precious space then we can help you by depackaging and recycling the components.

Cae Post depackaging

At Cae Post we can take surplus stock and ‘depackage’ it allowing components to be recycled or reused

It makes sense not only because it reduces the waste you send to landfill which will save you money but also makes sense if you want to achieve environmental awards or standards. We are able to provide information for the weight of material recycled which you can use to prove your green credentials.

We are a registered waste carrier and our waste site is permitted by Natural Resource Wales so no worries about whether you are acting legally by using us.

But of course that’s not all by working with us you can tick the social box as well; we are a social enterprise providing work and training for those most disadvantaged in society. We have been doing this work for 30 years now and for the last 15 of those we have been engaged in waste management so we’ve learnt a thing or two in that time.

We are able to collect the stock at a time convenient to you, return it to our base and sort the items into their component parts; cardboard, paper, plastic, metals and glass and send them off to our reprocessors for recycling. Anything we are unable to find an outlet for will be sent for energy from waste recovery so nothing goes to landfill.

The only charge to you is to cover the cost of transportation and the cost of disposal of any materials we are unable to recycle. We don’t charge you for the actual depackaging because it provides us with a valuable activity for our work placements and volunteers.

No job is too big or too small – we are happy to help with any problems you may have – its always worth a phone call to see if we can help. As the saying goes “you won’t know unless you ask” and if we are not able to help you we will tell you straight away.

We take pride in working with our customers and handling your enquiries with the utmost efficiency from beginning to end.

Cae Post depackaging services

Some examples of recent work we have undertaken:

  • Separating expired glass microscope slides from their film wrap and outer cardboard packaging
  • Unpacking surplus lunch boxes and restacking on pallets by colour and plastic type before forwarding on to a reprocessor
  • Unwrapping surplus stock of tea towels and aprons, baling the film wrap and sending the textiles to a cotton rag maker
  • Removing the outer packaging and metal screws from surplus games controllers and recycling the plastic and the metal.