Plastic film recycling

We can recycle your plastic film

Cae PoPlastic film recycling - Cae Postst can recycle your business or community’s plastic film and carrier bags.

Although a number of local authorities, such as Powys County Council, no longer offer recycling facilities for stretchy plastic film items such as carrier bags, magazine wrappers, bread bags, frozen food bags and bubble wrap, these items are recyclable. At Cae Post, we believe it is important that these items do not end up in general waste, which goes to landfill, and so we are pleased to offer a collection service for businesses, organisations and communities in Powys and North Shropshire.

It is true that plastic film can be difficult and expensive to sort from other materials by mechanical means, making it uncommercial for many local authorities to recycle, but at Cae Post we hand sort materials, so it presents no difficulties for us.

The environmental impact of plastic bags should not be underestimated – studies suggest that they can take anywhere between 20 and 1,000 years to degrade, if they degrade at all in modern landfill sites. In fact, many countries around the world have now banned such plastic bags. So if we are going to use them, it is important that, as a society, we do what we can to recycle them.

Businesses and organisations

Plastics sorting lineWe offer plastic film recycling as part of our trade waste and recycling service – either in addition to the collection services we currently provide for you or as a separate service.

We know that many businesses get through a vast amount of plastic film each week and hotels, shops, schools and offices are just some of the organisations which we help with recycling their plastic film.

Cae Post will provide you with a suitable container (or containers) to collect the film and we will arrange for regular collections depending on what’s best for you.

Community groups

Bale of plastic filmWe are keen to work with community groups, Community Councils and Parish Councils to set up collection points for plastic film in your area.

We can provide your community with a wheeled bin with a slot lid, to prevent other materials being deposited in it, so that everyone in your community can dispose of plastic film in a responsible manner. We can also work with you to find and agree a suitable location (or locations) for the collection bin – perhaps outside your village hall, school or pub, for example.

Cae Post would then visit on a monthly basis to empty the bin, fetch the materials back to our site, bale them and sell them on to a reprocessor for using again in their manufacturing processes.

Although the bin would be provided for free, there would be a small charge for collection to cover vehicle and driver costs. We realise budgets are tight these days, but maybe there is a local business in your area with an environmental conscience that would like to sponsor the container for their local community?

Or perhaps your community would like us to organise regular household collections for the people in your area? If so, we can help – just give us a call or send us an email to discuss your requirements.

Helping Cae Post achieve its social objectives

As a charity and social enterprise, we have a mission to tackle disadvantage and create opportunity through environmental initiative. By using Cae Post to recycle your plastic film you will be helping us to fulfil our social objectives, providing work opportunities for local disabled people and those who are disadvantaged in the jobs market.

Contact us today!

Cae Post has many years’ experience of recycling and we are confident that we can provide your business or organisation with a competitive price for this important service, which is helping to keep plastic that can be harmful to the environment out of landfill. Contact us today on 01938 570426 to find out more about how we can help your business, organisation or charity, or email us at